Saturday, October 9, 2010

About Our Recording Trip to LA..please read:)

Hey Everybody:)

We just wanted to tell you guys about what we've been up to and what our plans are for the next couple months. Most have you have been with us since the beginning or at least know how we got where we are now and most of you know we're headed to LA in 2 weeks to record, but we just wanted to catch everyone up to speed and let you know exactly what's going on..cause it's been kind of confusing!

So when we did our first recordings, they were rushed so we could get music out when our video came out and when Bam's movie "Where The F Is Santa" came out. It was an amazing time and we loved the final product, but we weren't able to do exactly what we wanted and now we have a new opportunity.

Most of you know we're self and fan funded (our EP's have been mostly funded by YOU!) and that we've been looking for a home on a good label. Once we're signed we can put out a proper full length and tour. This is our ultimate goal at the moment. So this LA recording time is to make the BEST representation of our music possible, re-doing some songs and recording one or two NEW songs as well. With this best recording possible we will be able to get on a label and then record a full length.

We just wanted to clarify for anyone thinking that we're recording a full length now. We still need a label to be able to do that. So know that any donations and support you give go directly to helping us to get on a label and make a full length (which we're DYING to do for you).

We couldn't be MORE thankful and blessed to have such amazing people supporting us and pulling for us. We strive to be our best for you, your passion motivates us. So we just wanted to keep you fully in the loop!!

Keep rockin and much love!!!

Greta, Taylor, Carl, & Ahmed
The Moxy

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