Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Years Notes from Us:)

Just wanted to thank everyone for their unwavering support as we attempt to hit it big on the music scene.
For those who are new to us here is some helpful information on us:

1. We DO have 2 recordings available on iTunes & Physical copies available at The Moxy's CD Baby Store
2. We have t-shirts & hats available at The Moxy's Online Store
3. You can find all of our links, buy music & merch right from our Facebook page (yay technology!)
4. You can find lots of videos from us on YouTube (please pass them on!)
5. This is NEW for everyone: "Step Down" Ringtone is on iTunes!

Finally to answer the questions & comments on if we're going to play outside of our area soon, the answer is WE'D LOVE TO!
We're working on getting on a label or get proper backing so we can record a full length album & play in many places all over the world.
Thanks to YOU this is becoming a reality!

Please keep sharing our music & videos with everyone who will listen & maybe we can speed up the process:)

Tons of LOVE & Well Wishes to all of you. May you have the BEST in your life as well!!

The Moxy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Your Tickets for Our ALL AGES Show at the Croc Roc on Jan 28th!

Get Your Tickets for Our ALL AGES Show at
Croc Roc on Jan 28th!

Get your tickets in advance for our show at Croc Roc!
Limited amount available.

Select Amount of Tickets

Tickets can be picked up on the day of the show using your name for Will Call.
Email with any questions.